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Who We Are

RCR Organic Feed Store carries a complete line of MOSA certified organic and Non GMO Project verified feeds, grains, and minerals.  What sets us apart from the local feed stores and big box retailers is that "We Use What We Sell."   We maintain a flock of chickens, peacocks, guinea hens as well as raising donkeys, sheep and a variatey of other creatures on our farm Rivers Critters Ranch.  To learn more about us check out our About Us page.

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Our Products

We carry a complete line of organic GMO free feeds for chickens, laying hens, broilers, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, cows, llama, alpaca and other hoofed animals.  We also stock organic whole grains, minerals and supplements.   Many of our feed mixes are available in a soy free version.

Organic Non-GMO Feeds We Sell and Use

  • Poultry - Chick Starter, Grower, Layer, Scratch Grains
  • Livestock - Calf, Cow, Donkey, Goat, Hog, Horse, Llama, Pig, Sheep
  • Soy Free - Chicken, Duck, Goat, Sheep
  • Grains - Barley, Corn, Flax, Oats, Peas, Wheat
  • Supplements - Kelp, Crab Meal, Alfalfa Pellets 

    Our feeds are sold in 40 pound bags, contains no GMO grains and is available with or without soy.  Looking to mix your own feed, we can help as we also carry a full line of certified organic grains and minerals.  We buy our feeds directly from the Organic Feed Mills.  Located in central Minnesota we have been serving hobby farmers and commercial farmers for over 15 years.  Visit our new online webstore to view current price list or give us a call at 952-467-3209 or text 612-479-4937 for advice and pickup information.

    We carry a complete line of organic GMO free feeds for chickens, laying hens, broilers, turkeys, ducks, sheep goats, pigs, horses, cows, llama, alpaca and other hoofed animals.

    Organic is Always Non GMO

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    Looking for Olde English Babydoll sheep
    2020 Lambs are being born now. 

    *Labor Day Savings Event 2019 Terms & Conditions 

    To receive this discount you must place your organic feed order by calling 952-467-3209 or texting 612-479-4937 and arrange for on farm pickup.  Offer is only good on cash payments.  No other discounts apply.   Discount is based on current prices and limited to stock on hand.  Cannot be applied to previous orders.  Offer expires September 10 2019.  See RCR Organic Feed Store Specials page for additional terms and conditions.

    RCR Organic Feed Store Hamburg Minnesota

  • * Due to market and fuel prices the cost of organic feed fluctuates. Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please text 612-479-4937 or call 952-467-3209 for current prices. Privacy Policy

    RCR Organic Feed Store provides a complete line of organic feed for all your poultry and animals. We are dedicated to helping the hobby, small and organic farmer in raising their animals in a organic sustainable agriculture way.
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