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There are two important things to remember about raising Broilers or Meat Birds*. First, always make sure your flock has plenty of fresh, clean water. This is the cheapest food additive you can provide. And you must provide this because, simply put, a chicken can not digest feed without plenty of water. Without water the birds will eat more and grow less while you invest money in feed that you don't need to provide. You are quite literally throwing money in the toilet. Second, after your broilers reach 9 weeks old they will eat more and grow less which means they begin to cost you money. This is true even if your birds are small. Many hope to grow a larger bird but the truth is that the cost of the amount of feed that they consume is far greater than the slight amount of weight they will put on.

The feed chart below will give you an estimate on the amount of feed you will need to raise your broilers. Please note that the estimate is based on a mix of cockerels and pullets. Remember your pullets will eat less feed and be a smaller bird than your cockerels.

Feed Consumption Chart - Meat Birds - Cornish Rock Cross

Age  Week 1  Week 2  Week 3   Week 4  Week 5  Week 6  Week 7  Week 8  Week 9  Total # of Bags 
One Bird  4.2 oz.  9.2 oz. 3.7 oz.  18.8 oz.  26.1 oz.  34.5 oz.  38.5 oz.  42.6 oz.  46.5 oz.  14.63 lbs. 
25 Birds  6.56 lbs.  14.38 lbs.  21.41 lbs.  29.28 lbs.  40.78 lbs.  53.91 lbs.  60.16 lbs.  66.56 lbs.  72.66 lbs.  7.32 bags 
50 Birds  13.13 lbs.  28.75 lbs.  42.81 lbs.  58.75 lbs.  81.56 lbs.  107.81 lbs.  120.31 lbs.  133.13 lbs. 145.31 lbs. 14.63 bags
100 Birds  26.25 lbs.  57.5 lbs.  85.63 lbs.  117.5 lbs.  163.13 lbs.  215.63 lbs.  240.63 lbs.  266.25 lbs.  290.63 lbs.  29.26 bags 

*Raising "Dual Purpose" Birds? Click Here for Guidance

* Due to market and fuel prices the cost of organic feed fluctuates. Please call 952-467-3209 for current prices. Prices subject to change without notice.
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