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Organic Feed Price List

Organic Feed is certified through MOSA and Non GMO Project Verified. Visit our New Online Store to Order.  Feed is sold in 40 pound bags unless noted. 
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 Category  Description

 Current Price*

 Poultry Poultry Layer Ground - Complete Feed  $23.95 in stock
  Poultry Layer Pelleted - Complete Feed  $25.49 in stock
  Chick Starter - 20% Protein  $24.49 in stock
  Chick Starter Pelleted - 20% Protein  $25.95 in stock
  Broiler Grower - 18% Protein  $24.95 in stock
  Duck Grower - 18% Protein  $24.95 in stock
  Organic Scratch Grains - All Poultry  $22.95 in stock
  Soy Free Organic Layer Ground - Complete  $25.95 in stock
  Soy Free Starter - 20% Protein  $28.49 in stock
  Soy Free Grower - 18% Protein  $28.49 in stock
  Turkey Grower - 22% Pelleted  $27.95 in stock
  Turkey Grower - 24% Pelleted  $28.95
 Livestock  Calf 16%, Protein Pelleted  $23.95 in stock
   Dairy 12%, Organic Protein  $21.49 in stock
   Goat, Organic -14% Protein  $21.95 in stock
   Hog Grower -16% Pelleted  $24.49 in stock
   Horse - 14% Protein  $21.95 available for order
   Sheep -14% Protein  $21.95 in stock
   Llama / Alpaca  $21.95 available for order
   Whole Corn  $20.49 in stock
   Rolled Corn  $20.95 available for order
   Whole Oats  $16.49 in stock
   Flax Meal  $28.49 in Stock
   Flax Seed  $32.49 in stock
   Barley 40#  $18.49 in stock
   Wheat  $18.95 in stock
   Peas  $25.49 in stock
   Organic Alfalfa Pellets  $22.49 in stock
 Supplements  Sea Kelp - 50 Pound Bag  $70.95 in stock
   Crab Meal  $39.95 available for order
   Minerals 2-1 50 Pound Bag  $26.30 in stock
   Poultry Premix Minerals  $62.50 in stock
 No Soy      
   Starter Grower - No Soy 18% Protein  $28.49 in stock
   Poultry Layer - No Soy Protein 17%  $25.95 in stock
   No Soy Starter - 20% Protein  $28.95 in stock
   New Llama and Alpaca 14% Protein- No Soy  $26.50 available for order
   New Sheep & Goat 14% Protein - No Soy  $22.95 in stock
   New Horse 14% Protein- No Soy  $26.50 available for order

We are able to custom order and arrange for custom mixes and blends of organic feeds to meet your needs.  Call or fill out the contact form for more information.

* Prices Are Subject To Change and do not include Shipping or Delivery

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* Due to market and fuel prices the cost of organic feed fluctuates. Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please text 612-479-4937 or call 952-467-3209 for current prices. Privacy Policy

RCR Organic Feed Store provides a complete line of organic feed for all your poultry and animals. We are dedicated to helping the hobby, small and organic farmer in raising their animals in a organic sustainable agriculture way.
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