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How we store our feed is just as important as making sure that we purchase high quality organic feed.  In the past we've stored our feed in plastic garbage cans.  The advantage of storing feed in plastic garbage cans is that that the cans are readily available and protect the feed from the elements.   The problem with garbage cans is that to make sure the feed is fresh you need to empty them on a regular basis.   We have found a better solution for storing and dispensing our feed - High Country Plastics Feed Bin.

High Country Plastics 270 lb Capacity Feed Bin

Made of high impact plastic, this feed bin has a hinged lid and includes a steel stand.  A five gallon bucket fits easily underneath the sliding drain hatch.  The entire unit is weather resistant.


  • Holds 270 pounds of feed
  • Translucent sides allow you to see how much feed is left
  • Fills from the top and dispenses from the bottom
  • Hinged lid is easy to open and secure
  • Plastic slide mechanism for dispensing the feed

Size:  Overall 18" wide by 30" deep and stands 49" tall

Currently, RCR Organic Feedstore does not sell the High Country Plastics Feed Bin, however, you can purchase this product on Amazon.

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