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Organic Horse FeedOrganic Horse Feed


  • 14% Organic Complete  Feed
  • Sold in 40 Pound Bags
  • Contains:  Oats, shell corn, expelled flax meal, expelled soybean meal, molasses, minerals and vitamins
  • This feed contains no pellets or crumbles
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  • NO SOY Horse Feed


    Feed one pound per 100 pounds of animal body weight.  Allways provide access to good quality hay or pasture and a source of fresh clean water at all times.

    (Upon request 16% or 18% Organic Horse feed with or without soy is available)

    Horse raised on organic feed


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* Due to market and fuel prices the cost of organic feed fluctuates. Please call 952-467-3209 for current prices. Prices subject to change without notice.
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RCR Organic Feed Store provides a complete line of organic feed for all your poultry and animals. We are dedicated to helping the hobby, small and organic farmer in raising their animals in a organic sustainable agriculture way.
16291 321st Ave Hamburg MN 55339 USA