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Layer Feed Consumption

How much feed will your laying hens need is a common question we get. 

Starter Feed - For the first 6 weeks your chicks should be on organic starter feed.  Each bird will require about 1 ounce per day or approximentaly 2.63 pounds of feed for the first 42 days.

Grower Feed - Starting with week seven, feed your laying chickens grower feed.   The protein level of this feed is typically 17% to 18%.  You will need about 8 pounds of feed per bird based on a consumption of 3 ounces per bird per day.

Layer Feed -  At about 16 weeks, switch your chickens to layer feed.   The protein level of this feed is typically 16% to 17%.   A laying hen will consume about 1.75 pounds of feed per week.


     Pullet Starter 1oz/day 42 days (2.63 lbs. per bird)

           12 Pullets 42 days need 31.5 lbs. of feed.

           25 Pullets 42 days need 66 lbs. of feed.

     Pullet Grower 3oz/day until 1 month before they begin laying (8 lbs. per bird)

           12 Pullets 42 days need 95 lbs. of feed for 42 days.

           25 Pullets 42 days need 200 lbs. of feed for 42 days.

     Pullet Layer 4oz/day (1 3/4 lbs. per bird per week)to begin 1 month before laying

           8 weeks will need 14 lbs.

           5 pullets 7 days need 8.75 lbs. of feed.

           8 pullets 7 days need  14  lbs. of feed

           12 pullets 7 days need  21 lbs. of feed

           25 pullets 7 days need 43.75 lbs. of feed

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