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Organic vs Natural 

Many people believe that Natural and Organic are the same.  This couldn't' be farther from the truth.  There is no set definition for "natural" animal feeds.  The common definition is that the feed is made up of ingredients that are found in nature.   On the other hand "organic" is strictly defined in the US and governed by federal regulations.  The USDA regulates the use of "Organic" making sure that the feed was made with a set of farming and production practices defined and regulated.

 Difference Between Organic and Natural

 Organic  Natural
 Can use toxic pesticides and Herbicides  Not Allowed  Allowed
 GMO seeds can be used  Not Allowed  Allowed
 Antibiotics can we added to feed  Not Allowed  Allowed
 Growth hormones can be used  Not Allowed  Allowed
 Animal welfare requirements   Yes  No
 Audit trail   Yes  No
 Certification required   Yes  No
 Restrictions on allowable materials   Yes  No


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RCR Organic Feed Store provides a complete line of organic feed for all your poultry and animals. We are dedicated to helping the hobby, small and organic farmer in raising their animals in a organic sustainable agriculture way.
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