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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make purchasing Feed From RCR Organic Feed Store is easy. 

Where Can I Buy Organic Feed?

Organic feed can be purchased at RCR Organic Feed Store located in central Minnesota.   As we are a working farm, we ask that you call (952-467-3209) or Text us (612-479-4937) to arrange a pickup time.  We understand that most of our customers work off farm so we are flexible when it comes to pickup days and times.

Do You Deliver?

We have a limited delivery area.  Delivery charges start at $25 per trip.  Call or email for more information.  Please note:  We do not unload your feed.  Typically, orders are placed on a pallet with the customer being responsible for unloading their feed.

What Pay Methods Do You Offer?

We accept PayPal or we can send you an electronic invoice.  At time of order please let us know your pay method.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes we offer discounts.  We offer a 5% discount for on farm pickup and 5% discount for cash payment at time of pickup.

Can You Arrange For A Delivery Service?

Yes, we can arrange for a delivery service, call for information.  Typically charges start at $75.   Please note:  Depending on the delivery service you may be responsible for unloading your own feed.

* Due to market and fuel prices the cost of organic feed fluctuates. Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please text 612-479-4937 or call 952-467-3209 for current prices. Privacy Policy

RCR Organic Feed Store provides a complete line of organic feed for all your poultry and animals. We are dedicated to helping the hobby, small and organic farmer in raising their animals in a organic sustainable agriculture way.
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