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Wheat Whole FeedOrganic Raised Free Range Broiler (C) Rivers Critters Ranch Grade

Organic Wheat is often used in poultry diets.  Wheat is higher in protein and the omino acids lysine and tryptophan than corn. Recently there has been an interest in feeding whole grains to poultry.  Some experts believe that feeding whole wheat to chickens imporoves their digestive tracts, increasing the birds ability to resist coccidiosis. 

Price:  $17.95*


  • Organic Whole Wheat 
  • 12% (minimum) Crude Protein
  • Contains:  Whole Wheat
  • Organic Certified:  MOSA
  • GMO Free:  Verified by Non GMO Project 
  • Sold in 40 Pound Bags
  • Current Pricing
  • Ingrediants

    Contains: Whole Wheat 


    Feeding Information

    Note:  We add whole wheat to our chicken feed and add it to our peacock mixture.


    Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that our grains are able to be sprouted.

    Typically, these grains can be sprouted. Sprouted grains can offer increased nutritional value and digestibility to many animals.  We have customers who successfully sprout these grains for their chickens and four legged animals.  However, please understand that we cannot guarantee successful sprouting due to many variables out of our control.

    Sprouting resources:

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